CRICA is the creation of Cristina Hora, a Portuguese-born designer. She has a degree in Fine Arts –Sculpture and her researches combine art, design and fashion, with a main focus on fashion accessories. For over seven years she worked with several shoe brands in New York, but in 2018 she moved back to Portugal to pursue her own women’s shoes line.

That same year she launched CRICA, a brand that aims to epitomize the highest quality in shoes, as the explorations of form display the finest materials available. Hence, all collections are designed for a highly cultured and cosmopolitan woman who understands her shoes as the best way to convey luxury, personal style and high fashion. Indeed, CRICA examines the design of timeless objects with purely practical functions and applies them in the context of shoes, invoking everlasting concepts such as transformation, duality, layering, and reflection. Therefore, the women walking on CRICA are multifaceted, powerful, and prefer shoes that traverse well from the work environment to a select leisure.